Prisoner of Memory

Denise Hamilton, hailed by the Chicago Sun Times as "one of the brightest new stars in the mystery world," delivers a riveting new novel in her critically acclaimed series featuring the uniquely appealing heroine, sassy, street-smart Los Angeles Times reporter Eve Diamond. Set in L.A.'s vibrant Russian immigrant community where new money and raw power collide with hidden agendas left over from the Cold War, PRISONER OF MEMORY confirms Hamilton's reputation as one of the most astute writers of engrossing, atmospheric crime fiction that illuminates the social realities of contemporary Los Angeles. 

While investigating the sighting of a mountain lion in L.A.'s Griffith Park, Eve comes across the body of a teenage boy who was shot to death execution style. The son of a Russian emigre scientist, the victim was an exemplary student with no ties to gangs or drugs. Was his murder a random act of violence, the result of a teenage love triangle or the work of the Russian Mafia? Eve, also the child of Russian immigrants, feels an instant rapport with the boy's grief-stricken father, Sasha Lukin, a cultured old-world gentleman who she senses is not telling her all he knows about his son's shocking murder 

Forced to partner on the story with her newsroom rival police reporter Josh Brandywine whose interest in her turns disconcertingly personal, Eve uncovers connections between the victim's family and a fascinating, chameleon-like FBI agent whose career was derailed by his affair with a female KGB agent, and a brutal Russian mobster who warns Eve not to pry into the teenager's death. Complicating Eve's pursuit of the story is the arrival at her door of a young Russian man who claims to be her long-lost cousin. Is he truly a link to the family she thought she'd lost or an impostor sent by the Russian mob to spy on her? 

As the violence surrounding the Lukin family escalates to encompass Eve as she moves closer to unraveling the motives of a brilliant, vengeful killer, PRISONER OF MEMORY races to a thrilling resolution that holds surprising personal revelations about Eve herself.

Hardcover, Scribner, April 2006, ISBN-13: 978-0743261944
Paperback, Pocket Star, March 2007, ISBN-13: 978-0743492720