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February 5, Thursday, 7 pm

Sierra Madre Library

Panel Discussion for One City One Book: Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye

With Jervey Tervalon, Judith Freeman and moderated by Tom Tomlinson


February 8, Sunday, 2 pm

Beverly Hills Public Library Auditorium

Perfume and Romance: Just in time for Valentine's Day, Beverly Hills Public Library and the Friends of the Beverly Hills Public Library are proud to present bestselling authors Tessa Dare and Denise Hamilton, who'll speak about their work and what inspired them, and the ongoing allure of perfume and romance.


April 18, Saturday, 3 pm

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, University of Southern California Norris Theater

Panel Discussion: Young Adult Fiction: Lurking in the Shadows

Moderator / Interviewer: Denise Hamilton

Panelists: Catherine Linka, Maureen Johnson, Josephine Angelini, Margaret Stohl