Denise's articles for the Los Angeles Times:

Perfumers reach back to the Golden Age for vintage scents. After a long reign of pastel aquatics, recent perfume releases are evoking the glam, 'high-calorie perfumes' of the first half of the 20th century. (October 13, 2013)

A heady whiff of autumn in new perfumes. Fall scents of pumpkin, leaves, spices and earth are just a few of the season's perfume trends. (October 28, 2012)

Indie perfumers finding sweet scent of success. (September 30, 2012)

Sidebar: Perfumers Blossom in Bay Area. (September 30, 2012)


Denise's monthly perfume column for the Los Angeles Times called Uncommon Scents:

Noteworthy -- Lyrical, dulcet, symphonic -- perfumers find harmonic convergence in musical jargon.

Book Reviews -- 'The Perfume Lover,' 'Scent of Triumph' tell heady tales. Also reviewed: 'The Book of Lost Fragrances,' On Perfume-Making,' 'The Little Book of Perfumes.'
Ciao Fragranza! -- Don't be so quick to think French when envisioning European scents -- bathe in the redolence of Italy
Wanton Ways -- Mysterious scents of noir fiction sure to liberate your own inner femme fatale

Fluid Fashion -- A handy guide to the haute-couture fragrances on the market today

Green Goddess -- Long dominant in men's fragrances, vetiver now reigns supreme with women

Whiff of Truth -- Exploding the 10 biggest myths in the perfume world

Eau Naturel -- A growing group of perfumers are eschewing the trend of synthetics and working with scents that truly distill the essences of nature

Beast in the Bottle -- With a whiff of earth and sex, oud sets the mood for all kinds of mischief

Storied Perfume -- For mystery writers, fragrance is often the most telltale clue left behind at the scene of a crime

Swiss Mix -- Niche perfumer Andy Tauer creates fragrant liquid stories inspired by unlikely the realms of poetry and film

Carnal Charms -- Scents that evoke bodily fluids—no matter how seemingly avant-garde—are well-trod territory in the world of fragrance

Orange Zest -- The citrus groves of Southern California sing their olfactory siren song...and we heed the call in a quest to capture the fragrance

Found in Translation -- Olivia Giacobetti is known for impeccably structured, ethereally translucent scents—now she shares where she gets her inspiration

Something in the Air -- With an enthusiasm once reserved for the ladies, men today have gone boldly into the realm of scents and sensibility

Smells Like the Season -- Edgar Award–winning noir writer Denise Hamilton on the craving for scents brought on by L.A.’s holiday season. And it’s not all holly and mistletoe

Embracing Chaos -- More than just an aroma, perfume is both a sensual pleasure and an intellectual journey...and I'm hooked